Summer Social Programs

Thank you for your interest in our Summer Social program.

We have decided that we will not be offering this program this year. We will be focusing our attention on our other services.

We are excited to offer a handful of specialized summer recreational program options in Waterloo. These programs are designed to create extra learning opportunities related to social and community-based skills in a 1:4 ratio. They differ from our regular group ABA therapy, in that the focus is more on creating natural learning opportunities with the flexibility of a recreational programming model. These programs are run by an ABA Therapist and supervised by a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst.

Our summer social programs run during each week of summer vacation (not including the week of Canada Day). Families will have the option to register for individual weeks or multiple weeks. Most of our summer programs are capped at 4-8 participants, so spots are limited.

Summer Social Programs

Intake Process

This is the first step in the intake process for summer social programs at Best Behaviour. If you are an existing client or have worked with us in the past, please reach out directly. An intake form (as well as other portions of this intake process) may not be necessary.
Upon receipt and review of the completed intake form, we will follow up with you to share an update regarding available programs. At this time, we are also happy to schedule a time to meet over the phone to answer any questions you may have about our services.
If we are able to accommodate your service request and you decide that you would like to register for summer social programs, we would continue with the registration process.
The intake forms are also used to create our wait list, in the event that we are unable to meet your request at this time.

Your completed intake form will be passed on to one of our senior team members. They will schedule a 15-minute discovery call to further discuss programming, availability, and answer any questions you may.
The intake forms are also used to create our wait list, in the event that we are unable to meet your request at this time.

The Senior Therapist will review the learner's file and reach out to schedule a group screening appointment, at no cost.
A group screening appointment is a 30-60 minute observation conducted by the Senior Therapist at the centre. It is a chance for us to meet the learner and get to know them in a brief observation, to confirm the learner's fit in their registered program. We will set up a variety of common scenarios, like sharing and transitioning between activities. We will also try to observe any relevant skill domains (ex. communication skills, play, independence etc.).
Group screening notes and a consent form will also be completed at this time.
If we have any reservations about the learner joining their registered program, we will try to offer alternative service options when possible.

A Summer Social Registration Form will be shared with you. If a Medical Alert Form is applicable, that would be completed as well. Both of these forms can be completed electronically. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about these forms, or help you complete them over the phone.
Once your registration form has been completed and your registration fee is received, the learner's file will be set up shared with you and members of our senior team. This marks the beginning of your service agreement with Best Behaviour. Welcome!

The learner will begin attending their program, as outlined in the registration form.


All registration forms must be submitted with a non-refundable $29 registration fee. This fee is designed to cover the cost of the time to register the learner for the summer social program (ex. coordinating schedules and team members, setting up the learner's file etc.).

Summer social programs will be billed at an hourly rate of $25.00/hour ($27.50/hour for those receiving legacy OAP behaviour plan budgets). This applies to direct hours spent with the learner. Indirect hours will be factored into the hourly rate. Families will have the option to register for individual weeks or multiple weeks.

Prior to the first session, an invoice will be emailed for the full cost of the service block (including the first session). For example, if the learner is registered for 3 weeks, an invoice will be sent before Week 1 for the full 3 weeks.

Cancellation Policy

The following cancellation policy will be included in your Summer Social Registration Form:

I, the Parent/Guardian, understand that ...