One-to-One ABA Therapy

We provide focused and comprehensive services to create effective ABA programs for children and adolescents aged 2 to 17, and adults 18+.

An ABA therapist will work with the learner in home or community locations. Centre-based options are also available in Waterloo. All programs include initial and ongoing behaviour/skills assessments, individualized programs implemented by an ABA Therapist, and on-going supervision by a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst.

Our one-to-one services are planned in 26-week service blocks, starting at 5-10 hours/week. An individualized service plan will be determined as part of the initial intake process.

For a more focused approach to skill building, take a look at our Parent Coaching and Consultations, starting at 2 hours/week.

Intake Process

This is the first step in the intake process for services at Best Behaviour.
Upon receipt and review of the completed intake form, we will follow up with you to share an update regarding available services. At this time, we are also happy to schedule a time to meet over the phone to answer any questions you may have about our services or ABA therapy.
If we are able to accommodate your service request and you decide that you would like to register for one-to-one services, we would continue with the registration process.

Your completed intake form will be passed on to one of our senior team members. They will schedule a 15-minute discovery call to further discuss ABA therapy, availability, and answer any questions you may have.
The intake forms are also used to create our wait list, in the event that we are unable to meet your service request at this time.

Before beginning One-to-One Therapy, we will complete a full initial assessment. An Assessment Registration Form will be shared with you. Once your registration form has been completed and your fee is received, the assessment can begin. The initial assessment process includes the following steps:
a) Intake Meeting: The Clinical Supervisor will review the learner's file and reach out to schedule an intake meeting.
During the intake meeting, the goal is to get to know each other and put together a customized service plan. It is a chance for us to meet the learner and identify next steps regarding assessments and therapy goals. Intake meeting minutes and a consent form will also be completed at this time.
b) Assessment Sessions: After the intake meeting, appointments for any initial assessment sessions that need to be completed will be scheduled by the Senior Therapist.
c) Assessment Review: The assessment results will be summarized and a service plan will be prepared (ex. behaviour plan and/or behaviour protocol).
d) Behaviour Plan Meeting: The learner's behaviour plan and/or behaviour protocol will be shared in a meeting with the Clinical Supervisor and Senior Therapist. The purpose of this meeting is to review the assessment results, therapy goals, and a therapy plan.
e) Program Set Up: Once we've received consent to go forward with the plan, the necessary programs and materials will be prepared and sessions can begin. You will also begin the registration process for your selected service.

A One-to-One Registration Form will be shared with you. If a Medical Alert Form is applicable, that would be completed as well. Both of these forms can be completed electronically. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about these forms, or help you complete them over the phone.
Once your registration form has been completed, the learner's file will be set up shared with you and members of our senior team. This marks the beginning of your service agreement with Best Behaviour. Welcome!

The Senior Therapist will begin sessions and have the ABA Therapist(s) slowly transition on after completing some joint observations and sessions.
Reassessments are completed approximately every 6 months. This includes updating the behaviour plan, to be reviewed in a meeting with the Clinical Supervisor or Senior Therapist. The purpose of this meeting is to review the learner's therapy goals to date and recommendations for next steps.

Of course, there are going to be individual variations to this process based on the needs of the team member and/or learner. However, following this process will ensure evidence best practices are being considered at all opportunities.


Initial assessments are billed as a fixed one-time fee of $750 for all families, regardless of funding. This includes any direct and indirect hours associated with completing the initial assessment (ex. intake meeting, initial assessment sessions, preparing the learner's behaviour plan, meeting to review the behaviour plan, and preparing the learner's therapy programs/materials). The initial assessment process is explained in detail in Step 3 of the 'Intake Process' described above.

One-to-one ABA services will be billed according to the following categories of service: one-to-one ($60/hr), senior supervision/consultation ($85/hr), clinical supervision/consultation ($120/hr), assessment ($60/hr), family/caregiver training ($60/hr), consultation with professionals ($60/hr), and team meeting ($60/hr).

Best Behaviour uses line-by-line billing for one-to-one therapy services. This means that you will see charges for all of the different team members that work with your child on your invoice. In practice, the amount of supervision that occurs each week varies. In a typical line-by-line invoice, this could mean very large invoices one week and small invoices another week. We understand that such large changes week-to-week make it difficult to manage your therapy budget. To help with this, a portion of supervision is charged as a fixed fee during each bi-weekly billing period, based on the proportion of one-to-one hours allocated in their Behaviour Plan Budget, for the duration of their Behaviour Plan. This avoids any large invoice spikes and provides consistent and manageable billing each week. We aim to use all of the supervision hours allocated, however we understand that each learner is different and may require more or less supervision. We will try our best to accommodate individual supervision needs by providing additional supervision at no extra cost, and do not provide refunds if less supervision is used within a Behaviour Plan.

For a detailed cost breakdown, please see the 'Cost Calculator' buttons below. These will direct you to a Google Sheet file that will allow you to enter your desired number of one-to-one hours, and see the expected cost for services weekly and across a 6-month period.

For more information about how we allocate supervision hours, please see our ‘ABA FAQs’. 

An invoice will be emailed biweekly, totalling the bill for the previous bi-weekly billing period’s services. For example, an invoice will be sent on June 16th for the services provided June 1-14.

Cancellation Policy

The following cancellation policy will be included in your One-to-One Registration Form. Updates come into effect as of January 7, 2024:

I, the Parent/Guardian, understand that in the event of a cancellation ...

Weekly ABA Schedule of 1 day/week = 3 days of Parent Planned Time Off per Calendar Year

Weekly ABA Schedule of 2 days/week = 6 days of Parent Planned Time Off per Calendar Year

Weekly ABA Schedule of 3 days/week = 9 days of Parent Planned Time Off per Calendar Year

Weekly ABA Schedule of 4 days/week = 12 days of Parent Planned Time Off per Calendar Year

Weekly ABA Schedule of 5 days/week = 15 days of Parent Planned Time Off per Calendar Year