Tour of a Home Session

If you have registered for home-based sessions, here is some information that may be helpful for you to know.

Every home team is going to have a slightly different structure/dynamic. Generally, you will find the learner’s program binders and materials stored together. There will also be a clipboard with all of the learner’s data sheets.

We will will lend program supplies to be used during therapy. These materials will be collected when they are no longer needed or when therapy is terminated. Any materials that will be consumed by the learner (ex. edible reinforcement), disposed of after use (ex. cleaning or sanitary wipes/gloves) or that the Parent/Guardian intends to keep when therapy is terminated (ex. PECS binder, iPad) must be purchased by the Parent/Guardian. Community memberships and activity fees are also to be purchased by the Parent/Guardian.

The only things you will be required to prepare in-home are …

  • A space to work with the learner, with a child-sized table and chairs.

  • A space to store the learner’s program binders and materials (ex. large bag, set of drawers, space in a closet etc.).

  • Access to the learner’s toys and preferred activities.

  • Access to snacks and/or edible reinforcement (if applicable).

  • Access to the Wi-Fi password (for programs/observations that require internet on a team member’s personal device).

When assessing whether a home environment is an appropriate space for therapy to take place, we will look for the following things:

  • Session materials are kept in a clean, safe location.

  • Hand sanitizer/sink and soap are accessible for hand washing.

  • The session area is big enough to allow for social distancing when needed.

  • The session area is big enough for the type of programming being implemented.

  • The session area is clean.

  • The session area is free from slip/trip hazards.

  • Lighting in the session area is adequate.

  • Furniture used in session is in good working order.

  • Exits are clear.

  • A parent/caregiver is reachable and responsive when needed.