Tour of a Home Session

If you have registered for home-based sessions, here is some information that may be helpful for you to know:

  • Every home team is going to have a slightly different structure/dynamic. Generally, you will find the learner’s program binders and materials stored together. There will also be a clipboard with all of the learner’s data sheets.

The only things you will be required to prepare in-home are …

  • A space to work with the learner, with a child-sized table and chairs.

  • A space to store the learner’s program binders and materials (ex. large bag, set of drawers, space in a closet etc.).

  • Access to the learner’s toys and preferred activities.

  • Access to snacks and/or edible reinforcement (if applicable).

  • Access to the Wi-Fi password (for programs/observations that require internet on a team member’s personal device).